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Electrical safety is very importance for businesses, both in keeping employees safe, and in protecting the business owner. Business owners are legally responsible for maintaining electrical equipment, carrying out electrical inspections and installing adequate safety mechanisms.

electrical safety at work

Manage the Risks

Any electrical work should be carried out by a licensed electrical worker.

Ensure that power circuits have appropriate circuit breakers installed to prevent overloading, and that the circuit breakers are correctly rated for your situation. Ikon Electrical can manage this for you. In the event that a safety switch breaks the electricity circuit, always check out the reason for this BEFORE turning the power back on. Safety switches require regular testing.
Make sure that all chords, extension leads and flexible cables are kept in good working order. Be careful chords are not trip hazards and never run a chord over sharp edges. Use cable hangers to keep all leads safely off the floor. Never use chords or leads in a damp environment.

It is important to provide adequate power points to avoid overloading. Overloading sockets is a common cause of fire in the workplace.

Carry out timely maintenance on electrical equipment and always remove any defective equipment from the workplace. A visual inspection of equipment and chords will often detect any wear or damage, so be vigilant.

Emergency Lighting

Install emergency lighting to safeguard your employees in an emergency. Battery powered lights will afford safe access and exit in the event of power loss.

Electrical Testing and Tagging

Electrical safety code AS/NZS 3760:2010, specifies the standards that apply to electrical safety inspection and maintenance in the Australian workplace. Electrical equipment connected to electricity with a flexible chord, must be inspected at regular intervals. Ikon Electrical can advise you on the specifics of the regime required for your equipment, and can carry out this service for you.

Electrical safety is of paramount importance in the workplace. Ikon Electrical can help you manage the risks in your workplace and ensure you conduct inspections, tagging and maintenance in accordance with all safety codes. If you need assistance, or have any questions pertaining to electrical safeguards, give us a call.