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In Queensland, it is a legal requirement to carry out regular testing of electrical appliances and safety switches in the workplace. It is also essential for testing to be carried out by a suitably qualified and licensed operator. Requirements differ depending on the industry and the type of operations carried out by the electrical equipment. Ikon Electrical can advise you on your obligations and also carry out the testing and tagging for you.

Electrical test and tagging sunshine coast

7 Reasons for Electrical Testing

Apart from the legal obligations to have this work completed, there are other important reasons to make sure you are up-to-date with electrical testing and tagging at your workplace –

  1. If appropriate testing and tagging have not taken place and an employee is injured, the employer will face and increased risk of legal action and the payment of damages relating to the injury.
  2. Worker injury affects productivity and also morale. Best practice workplace health and safety creates a better performing workplace.
  3. Electrical faults can go undetected without regular checks and these can lead to fire. Prevention is the key to avoiding fire and subsequent damage.
  4. There are fines associated with breaches in workplace health and safety obligations. In the event of an inspection it is imperative that your workplace is completely up to date with all electrical testing and tagging.
  5. Another very important reason for timely electrical testing and tagging is insurance. Property insurance and Workers Compensation may be at risk if testing and tagging obligations have not been met. It is the due diligence of an employer to have this work carried out.
  6. It is also important for staff morale to ensure that the workplace is safe and that you are seen to be taking care of all safety requirements.
  7. Knowing your electrical equipment has been thoroughly tested by an industry professional will give you peace of mind. It is not always possible to identify issues by sight. Once equipment is tested and tagged you can rest easy knowing it is safe to use.

Electrical testing and tagging is part of our day to day business. Give Ikon Electrical a call and we will carry out this service for you.