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The energy efficient electrical appliance market can be a bit of a minefield. There are literally thousands of products to choose from. Each has an energy rating, usually a warranty, a price tag, and they come in all shapes, sizes and star ratings. That’s why enlisting the help of an expert for some energy efficiency advice can make the process a lot easier for you!

So how do you choose the best product for your home or office?

Energy efficiency advice Sunshine Coast

Experts in Energy Efficiency Innovation

At the end of the day, most of us want to save money – and we are concerned about the environment and our carbon footprint. This scenario finds many Australians juggling their purse strings and their desire to do look after the planet, while they try to find the best appliances at the most affordable price.

The folks at Ikon Electrical have many years of electrical experience to draw on, and they are up-to-date with the latest innovations in energy efficient electrical appliances, including hot water systems, white goods, lighting, garden lighting, pool power and more.

Look to the Long-term

While it is important to get a good deal at the time of purchase of any electrical equipment, it is also important to take a minute to calculate the running costs of your appliances over its’ lifetime. If you have an appliance for 10 years say, the running costs over that time will be significant.

It is estimated that the cost of running appliances makes up about 30% of the average Aussie electricity bill. That’s a big chunk! If you bill is $600 every 3 months, we are talking over $700 each year to run appliances. Multiply that over an average of 10 years expected life of a product, and we are talking about $7,000!

Check the Star Rating

We are all familiar with the star ratings on electrical appliances. But do we really understand the difference in running cost between a 3 star and a 7 star appliance?
Here’s an example:

A television with a 110 cm screen (with a 7 star rating) will cost approximately $44 a year to run.
Compare this with a TV of the same size (but with a 3 star rating), which will cost around $134 a year to run.
That’s a big difference!

Icon Electrical – We’re here to Help

Your local Sunshine Coast electricians, Ikon Electrical, are here to offer hands on advice to all our clients. We can help you work out the cost of running an appliance over its lifetime and help you identify the big energy burners in your home. We can assist you to make better purchasing decisions that will save energy and money. Ask us today.