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Most of us are familiar with the convenience of Wi-Fi but there are excellent reasons why you might consider data cabling your home, particularly as Australia gets ready for NBN. Reduced interference and faster speeds are on offer through the installation of Ethernet cables.

nbn data cabling for your home

Let’s Talk About Speed

Ethernet is faster than Wi-Fi. While Wi-Fi speeds have increased in recent times, a cable connection is faster. This is particularly true in regards to local connection speeds between devices. If you transfer a lot of data between computers, cabling will save you time. If you are a computer gamer and want responsive reaction times, you will benefit from an Ethernet connection.

Less Interference

The big advantage of cabling is that you will have much less interference in your connection. Wi-Fi is subject to interferences from neighbour’s networks and other devices using Wi-Fi. Connection strength can also be affected by where your device is situated in relation to the wireless router. You will get a more consistently solid connection from cabling.

Use a Licensed Cabler

In Australia, cabling must be carried out be a licensed cabler. Getting an experienced and qualified cabler will save you from the stress of having the job done incorrectly. We have been called in to re-do cabling for clients who paid to get the job done, only to find it was faulty: the wrong materials had been used, the layout was wrong, and the list goes on. With the roll out of NBN, less than scrupulous operators may try to take advantage of demand. Be careful!

Ikon Electrical suggest you ask the following questions:

1. Does the cabler have the correct (ACMA) license?
2. What guarantee are they offering?
3. What testing procedures will be implemented and with what equipment?
4. What experience does the cabler have?
Ikon Electrical is happy to carry out your household cabling and to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to leave a question in the comments below and we’ll get right back to you.