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Electrical faults can cause fires so the stakes are high when it comes to safety and correct procedures around all things electrical, which is why Australian standards require all electrical work to be carried out by a qualified and licensed electrician. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the electrician’s license. How to choose a good electrician on the Sunshine Coast

Even small jobs, should to be carried out by an electrician who will conduct the work safely according the requirements of state legislation and the standards set out in the Wiring Rules (Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2007). Under these standards, electricians are required to provide a certificate of electrical compliance for any work they complete. These safeguards exist for very good reasons.

Choosing a good electrician is an important decision. Here are a few guidelines to help

Experience counts when it comes to electricians

It is well worth checking on the experience of an electrician before you contract them. What kind of work have they done in the past? Have you heard good reports about them from family, friends and colleagues? If you are engaging them to do a big job you might like to ask for references. Go online and read any reviews posted. And of course, ensure the electrician is licensed and registered as an electrical contractor. You can also ask other contractors and tradespeople for their recommendations.

Are they local to you? Ikon Electrical are Sunshine Coast electricians and have been for years!

It is really practical to use a local electrician. Not only is it great for the local economy, it will also mean your contractor is close by if you happen to need help in the future or have any issues with work completed. Also, a local electrician will rely on a good reputation and is less likely to be a unreliable operator. Find out how long they been established on the Sunshine Coast. You will not be charged for travelling expense if you choose local.

A good electrician will offer reliable quoting

A good electrician will give you a solid quote that clearly sets out all costs and charges. You need to know the costs upfront so you are not slugged with extra charges and incidentals. Unscrupulous operators exist. Be aware. You might like to get a few quotes to give you a good ballpark estimate of the cost of the work.

Ikon Electrical have been established on the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years. Their professional and highly experienced team provides quality electrical services across the Sunshine Coast and into regional Queensland. For electrical advice or an obligation-free quote give Ikon a call or drop in to their Bells Creek premises.