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Ceiling fans offer a cheap alternative to air conditioning both in terms of initial outlay and running costs. Ceiling fans use about the same amount of energy as running as a 60 watt light bulb, which is roughly around three cents an hour. When used in conjunction with air conditioning, a ceiling fan can save you around 40 per cent on air con running costs.

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How they work

Unlike air conditioners, fans don’t lower the temperature of the room. Instead, they act like a breeze and blow air across your skin which helps cool you down by evaporating perspiration more quickly.

Most fans have a winter setting too. This will run the fan in an anti-clockwise direction and cause the warmer air that gathers near the ceiling to be pushed down the walls. Operating a fan during winter will save you around 10 per cent on your heating costs.

There are loads of attractive, well-designed fans to choose from. Here are some tips to help you select the best ceiling fan for your needs –

What size do I need?

Ceiling fans have different size blades to suit the size of your room. If your room is large, between 20 and 36m square, you will require a ceiling fan with 132cm blades. For a small room, 122cm fan blades will suffice.

Timber versus metal

Timber blades will run more quietly than their metal counterparts, so they are a good idea in bedrooms or study areas. Metal blades move more quickly creating more breeze but they are noisier; they are an excellent option for the kitchen and living areas.

How many blades?

Ceiling fans come in three, four and five blade options. The number of blades has little effect on the operation, so it is largely a matter of which you find most attractive.

Do I need a light?

Many ceiling fans come with an inbuilt light. If your fan will be positioned where you currently have a light you should choose a fan with an integrated light. Having a light above a fan doesn’t work as it will create a strobe effect.

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