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Winter is with us again, so it’s time to pull out the heater. Right? Wrong! Keeping warm in winter does not have to mean gigantic electricity bills to keep the heater running. Reverse cycle air conditioning is by far the most energy efficient heating system on the market. More and more families are choosing this option and enjoying comfortable temperatures in their homes throughout winter.

winter is the best time to buy an air conditioner

Let’s Compare Heaters

The electric heater is relatively inexpensive to buy but on the downside, it uses lots of electricity and is not a very effective way of heating rooms. Electric heating is really only a good option if you have a very tiny space to heat.  Also, although it will heat quickly, the warmth will dissipate as soon as the electric heater is turned off.

Gas heaters provide better heating but they may emit carbon monoxide which can build up and become dangerous, so caution is advised. You can install a flued gas heater to take care of emissions but its design means it will lose some heat.

The fireplace conjures up dreamy thoughts of cosy nights in front of the fire but in reality they make a fair bit of mess. You will need to buy in wood and clean up the resultant ash. They do create a nice atmosphere but heating is limited to the direct area.

Reverse cycle air conditioners require an initial investment but are extremely effective both in terms of power usage and heat generation. They are simple to maintain and very safe. Reverse cycle air conditioners are particularly effective in heating larger spaces and open plan living areas. They will warm your whole home quickly and have the added advantage of being able to cool your home in summer. Over time they will pay for themselves in reduced electricity costs and your whole family will enjoy the comfort of a warm home during winter.

About Energy

Reverse cycle air-conditioners carry a minimum energy performance requirement. What that means in simple language is that they are required by law to be highly energy efficient. For every kilowatt of electricity used, a modern air conditioner will produce 3 kilowats of heating or cooling capacity. In a nutshell, they make good sense for your pocket and for the planet. And best of all, they keep you living in a lovely temperate environment in both winter and summer. What’s not to like?