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Switching to energy efficient lighting will save you money. An average household can reduce their lighting costs by around 50% a year just by making the switch. When you consider that around 12% of the average household electricity bill is for lighting, you can see the savings adding up. This percentage is even higher for commercial premises – around 20 – 40%.

Choose Smart Lights

The world of lighting has changed and there are new and efficient technologies available for the modern household. The traditional incandescent lights are being phased out and replaced with CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamps) and LED’s (light emitting diodes). These options offer increased energy efficiency as well as longer product life.

What are the Benefits of LED’s?

The benefits of installing LED lighting are many and will begin as soon as you make the

LED bulbs last a really long time, around 10 times longer than CFL’s and even longer compared with traditional incandescent bulbs. This saves you the job of having to change bulbs all the time, which is particularly good if you have high ceilings or hard to reach lights.

LED’s are also much more durable than regular bulbs. They do not contain the old filament that could break if the bulb was jarred. They are solid, so can be handled more easily.

They generate a small fraction of the heat of regular bulbs so they will keep your home cooler and will reduce air conditioning or cooling costs.
Although they cost more to buy you will quickly recoup your money on energy savings and replacement costs.
There are lots of different types of LED bulbs available. For help deciding the best product for your needs, just give us a call and we will discuss your options with you.

Don’t Forget to Make Use of Natural Light

It is also important to maximise your use of natural light. Open curtains and blinds instead of turning on the light. You can also consider installing a skylight in rooms or corners of rooms that are dark. This will make a huge difference to the mood of your room and save you power.

Make the switch and start saving!