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At Ikon Electrical, we are always amazed at how long people put up with not having enough power points, not having ceiling fans or not having a TV point where they really want it. Often people buy a house or unit already established, and they think they have to make do with the electrics. It’s just not true. Installing new power points, ceiling fans or TV connections is a simple task for your electrician and generally quite inexpensive. Installing power points or fans should be carried out by a qualified electrician for safety reasons.


Safety first with electrics

Safety is a big issue and it is important not to overload existing power points by using more than one double adaptor. Use a power board or have more power points installed in this case. Many people use extension chords when they don’t have adequate power points. These are fine given a few provisos – don’t run leads out of windows or doorways and ensure leads are in good condition.

Installing extra power points

There are a number of different power points to choose from. Ikon electrical can help you with this decision. We always advise our clients to think ahead about what their requirements might be in a few years’ time. For instance, installing a double point is only fractionally more expensive than a single, and if you have a growing family you will probably benefit from more outlets over the longer term.

New power points and fans sunshine coast

Ceiling Fans

In our climate, ceiling fans are a very good idea. They are cheaper to run than air conditioning and can be quite adequate, except for those really hot days. They use about as much power as a 60 watt bulb. Installing fans is a simple matter for your electrician and once again, it will save you money over the long term to have all fans installed at one time.

TV Points

Adding extra television points is also easy for your electrician and worth considering if you are having other work done. You might like to add points to your bedrooms or even the garage for when footy fever hits.
Don’t put up with too few points and stuffy rooms. Call Ikon Electrical for an obligation free quote on installing power points, TV points and ceiling fans today. You’ll be so glad you did.