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New smoke alarm laws have been introduced in Queensland to reduce the incidence of tragic losses that often result from house fires.

Queensland is set to be the safest State in Australia after passing legislation based on recommendations resulting from the 2011 house fire in Slacks Creek that killed eleven people.
The laws are designed to ensure that residents receive an early alert if a fire is present. Early warnings save property and lives.

Every home will be required to be fitted with photoelectric smoke alarms in each bedroom and in all hallways. The smoke alarms will be interconnected so that if a fire starts in any area, every alarm will be activated. Even if a bedroom is closed off or fairly removed from the rest of the house, the alarm will sound in that bedroom. This will drastically reduce the loss of lives from house fires.

Research has proven photoelectric, interconnected smoke alarms are the most effective way of providing early alert fire warning to householders.

This plan will be rolled out over the next 10 years with new homes needing to comply as of January 1, 2017. Rented homes will need to meet compliance within the next five years, while owner-occupied homes have up to 10 years.

Many householders are rushing to make the change for a safer future as the technology has been proven to save lives in the event of fire.

It is also important to develop an evacuation plan. Families should develop and practice a fire escape plan in the event of a fire alarm sounding. Speed is of ultimate importance; you may only have 15 seconds to evacuate safely, so a fire escape plan should be practised and timed. A well-practised plan is the best defense against panic during a house fire.

A qualified electrician is required to install the new alarms to guarantee they are working correctly. Call Ikon Electrical today to organise your life-saving fire alarm system.