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Tired of huge winter power bills? Sick of getting up close and personal with your energy-guzzling heater, trying to stay warm?Using reverse cycle air conditioners to reduce winter power bills

Then stop! A reverse cycle air conditioner will keep you comfortably warm and save you money on winter power bills.

72% less!
Recent research carried out by Sustainability Victoria (an initiative of Victoria State Government) has proven that reverse cycle air conditioners are the MOST energy-efficient heating system, using 72% less power than a portable electric heater.

Electric heaters can be a false economy

Why do people persist with electric heaters even though they don’t work unless you are sitting on top of them? Especially when they use a massive amount of power? One of the main reasons is that an electric heater is cheap to buy but it is definitely false economy over time.

Reverse cycle air conditioners use existing warm air

Reverse cycle air conditioners work by drawing existing warm air from outside, whereas electrical heaters have to produce 100 per cent of their heat from electricity. The air is then passed through a refrigerant and coil within the air conditioner; the compression heats it even further. Presto! Lovely warm air to keep you and yours warm all winter long.

Even distribution of heat

The reverse cycle air conditioner works to evenly distribute the heat throughout your space. There is no need for a heater in every nook. Traditional electric heaters only warm the area directly in front of them so it is not unusual for households to be running more than one – creating an even bigger power bill.

Reverse cycle air conditioners are a much safer option

Winter time brings with it an increase in house fires. Electrical heaters can be knocked over or can cause fire if materials are too close to the heat source. In short, they are dangerous. A reverse cycle air conditioner will not only save you money and keep you warm; it will provide peace of mind. That’s invaluable.

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