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The old adage ‘better safe than sorry’ is particularly true of storm preparation. It is always best to have your home and yard ready for storm season. By attending to a few precautionary jobs you can avoid damage to your home, saving you both money and distress.

storm preparation

Here’s a storm preparation checklist to help you get your home storm-ready

  1. Check the yard and verandah for any unsecured objects and tie/weigh them down or pack them away indoors.
  2. Go over trees and shrubs and trim off any loose branches. Also, make sure branches are cut away from power lines. Call a professional if you need help.
  3. Install a surge protector to keep your electronic equipment safe in an unexpected storm event.
  4. Turn off all power outlets and unplug appliances including your TV, DVD and aerial cable.
  5. Secure all doors and tape or board up windows if there are strong wind warnings.
  6. Have an emergency kit on hand.
  7. Fill water containers (the bath and sinks too) and also freeze water to provide alternative cooling in case of power failure.
  8. Make sure mobile phones are fully charged.
  9. Have an evacuation plan and make sure all family members understand it. Always follow evacuation warnings.
  10. Stay indoors during a storm and make sure your pets are safe and well sheltered.

It’s a good idea to prepare for an extended loss in power – have a BBQ or gas cooker; make sure you have cash on hand as ATMs may not be working; pack spare clothing including hats and robust gloves in case of a cleanup; stock up on food, water, and any medications needed; and make sure your car has plenty of petrol.

We suggest printing this checklist and putting it on the fridge or in another prominent place.

How can your electrician help you with storm preparation?

Give the friendly team at Ikon Electrical a call. There are so many ways in which an electrician can help make your home more ‘storm proof’ including such items as house wide electrical surge protectors and more.