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Are you in “bill shock” after receiving your summer power bill?

Soaring temperatures have seen air conditioners and fans running flat out most days and electricity bills are reflecting our fight to keep cool. Is it possible to survive our Australian summers in comfort without a power bill that blows the budget?

Here’s three steps you can take to help minimize your summer power bill.

  1. Settings for the air con – Try using the dry mode on your air conditioning unit for savings on your energy bill. The dry mode features a water droplet symbol whereas the cool setting shows a snow flake symbol. Dry mode works by reducing the humidity in your home, which helps lower the temperature. When on dry mode the air conditioner will not blow cool air into the room but rather pass the air in the room through the unit condensing the water vapour. Dry mode is a great way to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home while costing less to run than a cool setting.
  2. Install insulation – Insulation will keep your home cooler in summer helping reduce the need to turn on the air con. It works by acting as a barrier to heat gain through roof, ceilings, walls, and even floors. It is a practical way to reduce your summer electricity bill without giving up your comfort. You can save a massive 40 per cent on your cooling bills by installing insulation and the savings are cumulative as you save year in, year out. Insulation also has the added advantage of reducing dampness and mould.
  3. Go solar – Why not put the summer sun to good use and install solar panels on your home? Solar power will reduce your energy bill in both summer and winter as Australia enjoys lots of sunshine year round. The real advantage of solar power is that it remains free into the future while electricity prices will continue to rise. After the initial investment you will be collecting clean energy from the sun for many years to come. The size of your savings will be determined by the number of solar panels you install – it is possible to reduce your bill to $0.

Put one or more of these tips into practice and reduce your next summer power bill. For more information call us at Ikon Electrical.