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If you have travelled to an Asian country, like Thailand for example, you will have seen the masses of tangled wires across the streets and attached to buildings. That is not smart wiring!

Smart Wiring in your Home

There’s a lot of wiring in most homes. We have phone and fax lines, internet cables, pay television cables, cables for our lighting, cables for security systems, and cables to our home entertainment systems.

Every time a new connection is installed there is a call-out fee, an installation cost and there may also be maintenance or service charges down the track. The messier the wiring set up the more hours it will take to carry out these installations and repairs, so the more cost you will incur.

This is where having a smart wired home becomes a smart choice.


Smart Wiring Pays Off

This is a system that allows a variety of types of wires used in and around the home or office to be integrated into a single platform. It also has provisions for add-ons at a later date.

Installing a smart wired system means that everything will be easily accessible for servicing, and future expansion is not a problem.

Smart Wiring is a neat, logical system that allows you to be prepared for future events. For instance, if you think you may want pay television at a later date, the wiring is already installed with Smart Wiring, so there will be no need to have to drill through walls to install it when you decide the time is right.

Ikon Electrical – Smart Wiring for the Sunshine Coast

Ikon Electrical work to a Code of Practice to install Smart Wiring to households and other premises, in and around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. The cost of installing a Smart Wiring package is much lower during the building process (compared to the cost of fitting it to an existing home) so if you are in the construction stage of your home or undergoing renovations, you should consider this option seriously.

Give Ikon Electrical a call to discuss Smart Wiring for your home. It will also add value to your home and help future proof it for new technologies.

Visit the Smart Wired website to learn more about this system.